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sunPATH [Mac - Download]


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This product is electronically distributed.

sunPATH® software tracks the position of the Sun for any day, anywhere on earth.
Users select a location without the need to enter any information
other than the date range. 
  • Used by Filmmakers and Photographers World Wide since 1995
  • Easy to Use and Highly Accurate
  • Tremendous aid in Production Scheduling
  • Extensive Database - over 39,000 Locations World Wide
       Includes Time Zone, Daylight Saving (Summer) Time and Magnetic Declination for each location
       Easily add additional locations 
       No need to be at the location to determine the Sun's path
  • USA Postal Code Database Available - Select your location by Zip Code for speed and accuracy
  • Canada Extended Database Available - 20,000 + additional locations
  • Detailed Printed Reports
       FAST to reference ---- Highly ACCURATE
       sunPATH's Graph is an easy to visualize plot of the Sun's path 
  • Sent as a Downloadable file - also available on CD
  • Macintosh version in English and Spanish
  • Current version is NOT compatible with Mac OS 10.7 Lion or 10.8 Mountain Lion


sunPATH was designed by a professional camera person
who understands the needs and uses of this tool.

sunPATH allows Cinematographers, Photographers, Directors, Producers, Assistant Directors and Location Managers to accurately predict the Sun's position worldwide. This can be a tremendous aid in production scheduling and set construction allowing them to efficiently manage the limited and expensive production time.

A sunPATH report can easily answer these questions:

• When will the Sun come between the buildings or other objects?
• Where should the set be built to receive "side light" 2 months from now?
• When will the Sun go behind the trees?
• When will direct Sun no longer be on the road?
• How early can the crew start working without artificial light?
• When will "magic hour" start and end?
• You can even scout a location at night, knowing where the sun will be the
   next morning!



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