Precision Compass and Clinometer

When You Demand Absolute Reliability

  • Suunto TANDEM
  • TANDEM - Back
  • TANDEM - Side
  • Clinometer Eyepiece
  • Compass Eyepiece
  • Suunto TANDEM
  • TANDEM with Case
  • Compass Dial
  • Clinometer Dial
  • Tandem in Use

Suunto TANDEM [Zone 3]

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Compass calibrated for Zone 3
Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Central South America, Central Africa
Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines

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Compass and Clinometer in one unit.
The TANDEM is all you will need for both height measurements and compass bearings.

Crafted in Finland, the TANDEM combine precision accuracy with fast, easy operation. Its unique shape makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. Heavy-duty housings are flat and compact with no protruding or adjustable parts. Needle cards are immersed in a special damping fluid to ensure vibration less, smooth movement. Needle cards pivot on polished sapphire tips. Bearing assembly is virtually "wear-free," while liquid remains clear with low viscosity under all conditions. The Aluminum housing protects against impact, corrosion and water. The body has camera tripod threads and is supplied with a neck lanyard and case. The optics of the Tandem can be adjusted to make the reading easier. The two edges at 90 degrees angle make the contact measurements possible, for example, when measuring the tilt of a camera for effects work.

Optical Sighting Instrument for extreme accuracy
Fast and Easy one-handed operation
 Compass and Clinometer are individually calibrated  
Compass scale is azimuth (0-360 degrees), graduated in 0.5 degrees
Compass is calibrated for an accuracy of ±0.25 degree
Clinometer scale is graduated in 1 degree increments -90 to +90 degrees
Clinometer is calibrated for an accuracy of ±0.25 degree
Optical diopters for both compass and clinometer
Solid aluminum housing, resists rust and protects against impact
Neck lanyard and nylon case with belt loop  
 Treaded tripod socket   

[Protective rubber cover available separately]

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