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The Sun Tracking Software
for Professional Filmmakers
and Photographers

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Info   |   FAQ   |   Support   |   Buy Now
yellowArrow Sun Tracking Computer software used by
        Filmmakers and Photographers World Wide since 1995

yellowArrow Efficiently Manage Expensive and Limited Production Time
      Accurately predict the Sun's position WORLD-WIDE, ANY DAY, ANY TIME.
      Tremendous aid in production scheduling and set construction.

yellowArrow Extensive Database - Over 39,000+ locations World-Wide
      Time Zone - Daylight Savings (Summer) Time - Magnetic Declination
      No need for complicated and expensive GPS equipment
      Easily add additional locations

yellowArrow Detailed Printed Reports
      FAST to reference ---- Highly ACCURATE
      sunPATH's Graph is an easy to visualize plot of the Sun's path
      No need to take expensive equipment on-location, faster than GPS

yellowArrow Reasonably Priced

yellowArrow Available for Macintosh or Windows Computers (CD or Download)