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  • Macintosh Update

    Version 1.6.4

    ( this is NOT the update for Mac OS 10.7 Lion

    Version 1.6.x updated to current Version 1.6.4 (Jan 2010)
    (Purchased between Feb 2004 - Dec 2009) 

    Includes the Magnetic Declination Data for 2010-2015
    Includes Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time changes for over 12 countries.
    The update cost $20 USD. (last time we charged for an update was 2004)

    This update is only for licensed users of the OS X version of sunPATH for Macintosh.

    We no longer provide discounted updates for the OS 9 version of sunPATH (purchased before Feb 2004).

  • Version List

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  • Windows Update

    Version 1.4

    Version 1.3.x updated to current Version 1.4 (March 2007)

    All licensed users of sunPATH for Windows PC from versions 1.3 to 1.3.6
    are eligible for this FREE update.

    The update contains a complete sunPATH file replacement.
    You will need your original registration number to run the software.
    We will verify your registration and then send you an email with
    information on downloading the update installer. 

  • Version List

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Switch sunPATH Windows to Macintosh

This offer is available to licensed users of sunPATH for Windows
who purchased sunPATH within the last year.

 If you purchased sunPATH more than a year from today,

then you will need to purchase a new Macintosh sunPATH license. 

(If you purchase sunPATH from Wide Screen Software LLC we will have your purchase date in our database, if you purchased sunPATH from another source we will need a copy of your invoice.)